Deadline for spending old £5 notes

  The Bank of England has warned British households that they need to spend or exchange old style £5 notes before they become worthless after May 5th. The Bank of England estimates that the number of old notes in circulation has already halved, but that still means there are 165million of the notes still out there. High street banks are not obliged to exchange them after the May deadline, but the Bank of England has a legal obligation to do so.

Community Falls Prevention

FALLS,  FOOTWEAR &  EXERCISE The community falls team are part of the NHS, led by physiotherapists and  occupational therapists.  We were delighted to help the team hold an 8 week pilot bringing their services to the Seacroft Community.  In addition to this we have received funding to offer sturdy slippers to those attending  by the local council. Poorly fitting shoes or slippers and poor foot health contribute to risks of falling. A significant number of older people fall every year because of slippers that do not fit very well or have become unsafe through wear and tear – a problem identified as one of the main causes of falls. Shoes … Continued