We are a charity and can only survive through funding and donations.

Information for Funders


  • Currently upto 1000 people benefit from the two linked charities.
  • 100 people attending weekly lunch clubs receive a 2 course hot meal, raffle and bingo
  • 50 people are registered with our exercise classes
  • 500 people receive our quarterly newsletter
  • many receive one to one support
  • many successful benefit applications
  • 30+ volunteers

Seacroft has been highlighted as a deprived area, with higher levels of ill health. It is thought that older people living in socially deprived neighbourhoods may be even more prone to poverty, depression and social exclusion.

How to donate

We are happy to accept cheques made payable to South Seacroft Friends & Neighbours. Please contact us if you wish to discuss alternative methods or if you wish to increase your donation through gift aid.


Thank you to all who help keep our Charity going.

One of our sponsors are Leeds City Council

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Evidence of Need

We provide a range of services and activities for over 60’s in Seacroft. Our main aim is to improve the quality of life for the elder population.

Seacroft Friends and Neighbours covers two Older Peoples Networks both are charitable organisations established since 1986. The scheme is run by local older people who help decide on the services we offer.